Custom MARCOM Assessment

We’ll provide an objective, professional assessment of any one or more of your marketing communications—website, collateral, capabilities presentations, and proposals.


The role of your marketing communications is to positively affect your target audience’s behavior by informing, persuading, and reminding. You probably devote considerable human and financial resources to ensure the efficacy of your Product, Price, & Place but once created, give less attention to your Promotion

Do you really know how well your website, collateral, presentations, and proposals describe your company’s story—value proposition, offerings, thought leadership, competitive differentiation?

It is difficult to step back and objectively assess your marketing materials: it’s your “baby,” and you already know what you’re selling. However, knowing what’s getting through to the prospect can be very challenging. As long-time market researchers, marketers, and business development experts who view hundreds of websites, pieces of collateral, capabilities presentations, and proposals year-in and year-out, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with honest, objective, and actionable feedback.



Let Bridgemark Solutions Optimize Your MARCOM

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What do I get?

· Written report highlighting strengths

   and weaknesses

· Itemized description of issues

· Recommendations for improvement

· Optional work session to help you

   implement changes

Filler: How much, and how fast?

Filler: Prices range depending on the size and complexity of the project, and most projects are completed within 1 business week depending on the size and

Filler: What are my options?

Filler: 1) Start from scratch.

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