Why Should You Trust Your Lead Generation to Bridgemark?



We pride ourselves on our unique experience in the market research & consulting space. Understanding the buying cycles, processes, traditions, and mindsets of purchasers of these services is critical to success. Our senior staff has decades of experience working with sales, marketing, and operations teams and knows who to best promote our clients' unique services.



Our educated and experienced staff is committed to professionalism at every customer touchpoint. Multiple safeguards – including pre-approved, template emails and well-designed CRM tools and filters – are used to ensure professionalism and consistency in our communications. We know we are the face of your organization to thousands of prospects, and we take that responsibility very seriously.



Partnering with Bridgemark for your lead generation needs translates into significantly improved quality and speed, with decreased costs. Our clients quickly realize that it's much more effective and efficient for us to manage their lead generation campaigns than to attempt it in-house. Ultimately, we provide a huge ROI and our clients have turned our leads into millions of dollars in revenue.


While we specialize in supporting market research and consulting-industry companies, our clients' services vary widely.

For example, our clients' services have included online and phone custom quantitative, online and face-to-face qualitative, omnibus services, mystery shopping, ethnography research, online communities, syndicated research, data collection and sample, social media research, focus group and testing facilities, big data, advanced analytics, and many others.

We support multiple companies on the AMA Gold Top 50 (formerly known as the Honomichl Top 50) list, one and two person firms, and many companies in between.  We can easily tailor a campaign to fit your specific needs and budget.

Absolutely not!  We can introduce your firm to a wide range of titles and roles, and can target any company in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

A few commonly requested roles in end-client companies include Market Research, Consumer Insight, Marketing, Brand Management, Product Development, Innovation, Market Intelligence, Analytics, Social Media, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty/Satisfaction, and Strategy.

We also support companies who want to introduce their services to market research companies.  A few typical target titles in MR firms include Owners/Presidents/Managing Directors/Partners, Panel Management, Field Services, Operations, and Divisional Research Leaders.

Since all of our prospects are hand-identified from a range of sources, we can effectively reach out to anyone you might be interested in.

How many leads we can generate for you depends on a number of things.  How unique and interesting are your services?  How recognizable is your firm in the industry?  What types of companies and roles do you want us to pursue for you?  After a discussion, we can provide you with some estimates based on our experience and can use our past clients as benchmarks...but every campaign is always completely unique.

Communication is key, especially early in a new campaign.  We will hold regular "Focus Meetings" with you or the person you appoint to review progress and results, share our learnings, and discuss suggestions and improvements.  Essentially this is a regular communication discussion to make sure we're all on the same page and all expectations are being met or exceeded.

In addition to these regular discussions, Bridgemark will provide you with a weekly written status report. This report will contain an array of relevant information, including:

  1. the leads we have generated, along with dates and times
  2. the companies we’re actively pursuing
  3. a coded and verbatim response from every prospect we've communicated with.

And, of course, we're always only a phone call or email away anytime you have a suggestion or idea!

Most of our clients stay with us for years - for as long as they continue to generate new sales from the leads we provide.  And that's our goal; we want to be a close, trusted adviser and partner to our clients.  But business climates can change and sometimes campaigns need to paused or stopped.  After a short start-up period, we have always offered an "Out" clause in our agreements that allows clients to cancel our lead generation campaign, for any reason or no reason, after giving us 30 days' notice.  We want you to always be comfortable with our arrangement and not to feel locked into a contract that you can't alter based on your changing business needs.

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