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Specialized Expertise

A great partner thoroughly understands your industry and business challenges. Bridgemark’s deep understanding of the market research industry alleviates the need for an in-house lead generation team, and allows you to instead focus on your core areas of interest and proficiency. An understanding of the needs of your clients, as well as the nuances of often long and complex buying cycles, allows us to assist you in a more thorough way.


True Professionalism

At the core of our business is a commitment to honesty, kindness, and professionalism. Anyone who has experience in the research industry knows that we work with some of the brightest, most educated people in the business world, and they expect and deserve to be approached in a professional manner that is respectful of them and their time. As your face to the market, it’s critical that we represent you the same way you would represent yourself.


Better | Faster | Lower Costs

Bridgemark’s service has been carefully designed to be better in quality, faster to launch, and lower in cost than an in-house solution. Leveraging decades of experience, an array of best practices and, of course, data - we can become your true lead generation partner, and someone on whom you can rely for years to come.


In addition, we’re proud to announce our rolling corporate Net Promoter Score score of 9.0.

Consistent Marketing = Consistent New Business

Our "always-on" approach gives you peace of mind that your lead generation efforts are being handled on a consistent basis.

For optimal results, lead generation must be handled correctly and consistently. Our clients realize that it’s significantly more effective to segment the lead generation role from the sales, research, and client management role. That’s why they focus on new business presentations, proposal writing, and client management and leave the lead generation responsibilities to us.


Seamless Support

Bridgemark operates using a client-supplied email address, allowing us to present ourselves as a fully-embedded member of your team when approaching prospects. When leads are generated, we send calendar meeting invites to you and the new prospect, locking in the date and time of the discussion/presentation.


Regular, Senior Communication

From campaign launch to ongoing campaign maintenance, you’ll always work with senior leaders with decades of experience to help guide the strategy. In addition to live update meetings, you’ll be provided with regular reports to keep you fully updated on the leads we’ve generated and the responses we’re receiving from prospects.


More Flexibility

All lead generation campaigns are fully customized to your specific needs. While our core processes and best practices remain consistent from campaign to campaign, we can pursue any target prospect titles in any companies you’re interested in, whether in the research industry or otherwise…and we can make any changes or adjustments to the campaign you’d like, at any time.


Work Guarantee

While it can’t be known exactly how many leads will be generated prior to the launch of a campaign, our work guarantee assures you that we will always conduct a specific amount of outbound effort towards your target prospects in your target accounts, and we can adjust this effort depending on your needs.

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