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Full-Service Lead Generation

Since our founding in 2009, Bridgemark has generated leads for our clients with a wide variety of audiences - including large Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized companies, other market research firms, associations and non-profits, advertising and PR agencies, consulting firms, colleges & universities, and many others.  We have deep experience in consumer goods, healthcare/pharmaceutical/med devices, financial services, restaurants, hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, retail, technology, telecom, and others.


Inbound marketing relies on prospects finding you; Bridgemark's approach is to go out and find your prospects. Our lead generation service is a targeted, proactive, outbound, email-based process that is designed to generate and identify prospects who are interested in your services.

Bridgemark always operates using an email address supplied to us by our clients.  This allows us to present ourselves as a fully-embedded member of our clients' team.  While there is only a single email address is use, our whole Bridgemark team contributes to the campaign in different ways, with a unique specialization.

Our clients can be assured that our number one priority throughout the lead gen process - and in everything we do - is professionalism.  Anyone who has been involved in the research industry knows that we work with some of the brightest, most educated people in the business world, and they both expect and deserve to be approached in a polite, professional manner that is respectful of them and their time.

Our experienced, educated staff is committed to the utmost level of professionalism at every customer touchpoint.  Safeguards - such as pre-approved prospect company lists and pre-approved email messaging - help ensure that we are representing your firm the way you would do it.

Segment Assessment

Step 1: Segment Assessment

First we’ll talk about the services you would like to generate more market interest in. We'll discuss your experiences, strengths, and genuine interests...

  • What do you think the market would be most interested in? What problems do your services help solve?
  • Where do you have the most experience?
  • What are a few things that distinguish your company from others?
  • What are you most inherently interested in?

The goal is to narrow this down to 2 or 3 sub-campaigns - which we call 'segments' - that you think the market needs and would like us to promote. Having 2 or 3 sub-campaigns allows us to diversify ourselves and gives us the ability to compare one segment to the other as we move forward.

Company Profile

Step 2: Company Profiling

Next we’ll work with you to create your ideal company customer profile - the companies you want to work with, who will likely be interested in your services. Are they in a particular industry or micro-industry? Are they within a certain revenue range, or employee size?

There is unlimited potential; using our resources we can target any company, organization, or agency you may be interested in. From the Fortune 500 to smaller private companies, we have the experience, resources, skills and internal processes needed to turn them into your newest clients.

Contact Identification

Step 3: Contact Identification

Now is the time to determine the profile of the optimal users or buyers of your service within each segment. Do they have a particular title or role? Are they of a particular seniority in the organization (i.e. Director, VP, etc.)?

Bridgemark has a unique expertise in identifying people based on title, role and seniority in specific companies. One by one, leveraging years of experience, the best prospecting databases available, and proprietary software we’ll individually identify the people you are interested in within each target company, determining their name and contact information.

This is often a difficult and time-consuming process, but it is critical in order to target the right people with the right message.

Message Development

Step 4: Message Development

Targeting the right companies and reaching out to the right people is critical - but they both rely on the development of effective messaging.

Bridgemark employs a series of best practices to ensure an appealing, effective, polite, professional, informational series of emails that will be sent to each prospect. By modelling new emails on effective previously-used emails and subject lines, we take the guesswork and trial-and-error out of the message development process.

No one knows your business better than you do, so we will need to rely at least partially on you for your input on your company's differentiators and strengths. Once we have them we will work them into the messaging. And, like everything else, you will review and approve the emails prior to launch.

Optimal Prospect Targeting

Step 5: Launch!

One-by-one we’ll reach out to your optimal target prospects in your target companies and introduce them to your services, strengths and experiences via our email process. All activities and interactions are carefully logged into our CRM system so we can retrieve that information when needed.

When we someone reads one of our emails and is interested in speaking with you further to learn more about your services, we will coordinate a phone or web-based discussion and send out a meeting invitation for you and the interested prospect.

Once the lead is arranged, we'll provide you with a Prospect Lead Brief to fully prepare you for the discussion. We'll provide information on the prospect's company, full contact details on the prospect, any specific questions, interests, or comments that the prospect posed, and anything else that might help you have a more effective discussion/presentation.

Performance Tracking

Step 6: Performance Tracking

Communication is critical. To make sure that happens we’ll schedule regular performance reviews for your team and ours, designed to share information and updates and make any necessary adjustments to the strategy. We’ll provide you with a variety of relevant reports and data points, including the leads we've generated, the status of the companies we’re working on, and verbatim responses from any prospects who reply to us.

We are dedicated to you and the success of your campaign. To that end, we are flexible and we can make any changes to any part of the process if needed. We know you have options for your lead generation, and we want you to see that our team and approach is the best you can get.

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