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It takes an experienced, hard-working team to effectively manage a lead generation campaign and produce great results! Meet the Bridgemark team that makes it happen for our clients every day.


Larry Brown, Founder & President

Larry Brown

Larry began his B2B, solutions-based sales career in 2001 with Harris Interactive, at the time a global top 5 market research & consulting company. Beginning in lead generation, he developed sales leads for salespeople and senior researchers in an array of healthcare, non-profit, and CPG companies.  He eventually moved into direct sales and initiated the firm's first market research projects with a variety of new client companies including Colgate-Palmolive, Frito-Lay, Kaplan, Kellogg’s, Nestle, MTV, Tyson, and Wrigley.  

After being named Director of Sales Operations, Larry's primary responsibilities included supporting the outside sales team and leading the overall development and management of the company's lead generation team.  Under Larry's direction, in his final year with the firm the lead generation team created over 1,800 individual sales leads, resulting in almost 500 proposals and generated over $22 million in sales.

As the 2007 recession set in and after multiple rounds of layoffs, Larry was also let go in December of 2008. Within weeks, calls started coming in from former colleagues who had been laid off and resurfaced in other market research-industry firms asking for help with their sales and lead generation.  Without the type of lead generation support they previously had from Larry's team, they were struggling to meet their sales objectives.

It was clear that there was strong need for professional, senior-level lead generation and sales support for market research-industry companies -- these companies needed regular, targeted, qualified sales discussions with new prospective clients in order to grow and hedge against client attrition.

Today, Bridgemark exists to support the sales needs of market research and consulting-industry firms. We understand the nuances of this highly professional market and the struggles firms face as they attempt to grow. We're here to help!

Fun fact about Larry!

Several years ago, Larry opened an umbrella on a golf course and was struck by lightning minutes later. He was not seriously hurt...but can now levitate small objects.

Jill Peterson

Jill Peterson, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Client Strategy

As a veteran of Harris Interactive, Jill climbed the corporate ladder and eventually became a Vice President leading the Harris Interactive Service Bureau division.  She was able to double profits in the first year, with a lower topline goal.  She was able to increase profits and exceed budget year after year.  She managed not only the entire operations and sales team, but she also contributed to sales by handling a number of large contract accounts of over $2M in revenue.  Jill was instrumental in many corporate initiatives including project profitability, aggressive sourcing, and pricing to name a few.  She has over 20 years of combined market research and sales experience.

At Bridgemark, Jill leads a range of responsibilities including client strategy and management, staff performance, and financial reporting. The Client Services team reports directly to Jill, and under her leadership Bridgemark has increased client and employee satisfaction and helped Bridgemark set consecutive client lead records. She's here to ensure that you have the best partnership you can with Bridgemark.

Fun fact about Jill! Jill and her family own a Bernese Mountain Dog that is taller than her and weighs as much as she does.

Lauren Vavricka

Lauren Vavricka, Sr. Client Support Manager & Team Leader

Lauren has been with Bridgemark since May of 2013. Starting as a CSM, she was promoted to Sr. CSM and Team Leader, and is the go-to person for the CSM team. Lauren's key strengths are her experience with Bridgemark's processes and database, as well as her positive, upbeat energy.

Lauren's background in digital healthcare records has been a great learning experience and has translated well to Bridgemark's approach.

Fun fact about Lauren! Lauren is engaged and underway in planning her wedding for late 2017.

Kristina Brown

Kristina Brown, Sr. Client Support Manager

Kristina has been working with Bridgemark since September 2013 and is currently a Senior Client Support Manager. Along with her primary daily responsibilities of managing her clients' lead generation campaigns, she is also the lead on some of Bridgemark's proprietary programs. Kristina's experience and enthusiasm make her one of the perfect people to assist in the training of new employees, and she leads the planning for the majority of our company events including the holiday party and other team-building activities. She works directly with other Bridgemark staff and focuses on delivering exceptional service for her clients. Kristina has won the highest client satisfaction survey award, as well as the highest total quarterly leads award.

Fun fact about Kristina! Kristina and her husband Ryan are very excited to have welcomed their first child, Penelope, in January 2017.

Doris Borngesser

Doris Borngesser, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Doris began with Bridgemark Solutions in August 2015, initially as a Client Support Manager. Doris’s primary responsibilities were managing her clients' lead generation campaigns. In August 2016, Doris was promoted to Executive Assistant to the President and COO, and Office Manager. This was a role that she was able to transition into smoothly due to her 13 years of experience at Strong Memorial Hospital. Doris works directly with the President and COO daily with reporting and analysis, organizing meetings and maintaining calendars, is a liaison to our outside vendors, and works hard to maintain a happy and positive environment here at Bridgemark Solutions.

Fun fact about Doris! In her spare time, Doris “The Cocktail Queen” loves to help various charities in the community by walking, campaigning, raising money and/or volunteering at fundraiser events such as The Color Run, Light the Night Walk, St. John Bosco School and many more. Since 2004, she has consistently been involved with multiple local hospice volunteer organizations including VNS of Rochester, The Journey Home, and SIS.

MaryKate Clerkin

MaryKate Clerkin, Client Support Manager

MaryKate joined Bridgemark Solutions as our newest team member in November 2016 as a Client Support Manager. Her primary daily responsibility is managing her clients' lead generation campaigns. In her first few months at Bridgemark, MaryKate won the quarterly “Team Work” award for all of her continuous hard work and dedication to the company. MaryKate comes to Bridgemark with a background in Customer Service, Community Service, and Accuracy Verification. All of these experiences provided MaryKate with a knack for interacting with professionals and the ability to pay high attention to detail -- valuable skills at Bridgemark. MaryKate’s great energy resonates throughout the company.

Fun fact about MK! A history buff, MK is in the process of becoming a docent with the Susan B. Anthony Museum.

Conroy Campbell

Conroy Campbell, Client Support Manager

As a Bridgemark Client Support Manager, Conroy’s primary daily responsibility is managing his clients' lead generation campaigns. Conroy comes to Bridgemark with a strong background in lead generation, digital marketing and sales. With this experience combined with his hard work ethic and dedication, he was able to easily transition into the CSM role. Conroy’s previous experiences and upbeat attitude make him a valuable asset to Bridgemark Solutions.

Fun fact about Conroy! Conroy is the oldest of five and was born on Mother’s Day. How do you top that as a present!?

Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards, Client Support Manager

Pam joined Bridgemark as a Client Support Manager.  Pam has over 13 years of experience in sales and working directly with clients.  Pam has a great respect for her colleagues and clients and has a strong work ethic to provide for her family.  Pam treats each day with a positive attitude and is always willing to help.

Fun fact about Pam! Pam and her husband, Casey, were high school sweethearts and have been happily married ever since.

Elizabeth Hawkes

Elizabeth Hawkes, Client Support Manager

Elizabeth joined Team Bridgemark as a Client Support Manager. Elizabeth's key strengths are her high attention to detail, her account management experience, and her positive personality. Elizabeth's extensive background in sales and lead generation management make her a great new asset to the Bridgemark Solutions team.

Fun fact about Elizabeth! Elizabeth is a huge NHL fan and loves to spend her free time with her friends and family.

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