Sales Solutions for Market Research Firms

Bridgemark Solutions provides lead generation and sales support solutions, specializing in the unique needs of the market research industry.  We help our clients make in-roads with new sales prospects faster, more effectively, and with less expense.


Our clients realize that it’s a much better use of their time and resources to focus on new business presentations, follow-up, proposal development, closing sales and expanding their client base than identifying sales contacts and generating new sales leads. In almost every case, it’s significantly more effective to segment the lead generation role from the “sales” role to ensure that the lead generation role gets done correctly…and more importantly, consistently.

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 "Larry Brown and Bridgemark have been spectacular to work with. They always put the client first and never give up trying to deliver high quality leads. Even after we have stopped using them on projects they have continued to maintain connections with interested prospects and set up web conferences for us. Their professionalism is unmatched and I highly recommend working with them."
Hyer Bercaw, CEO and Co-Founder – TrueModus
 "This is a big one! 8 countries CSM. This RFP resulted from a capabilities review I had last week with [prospect].  Larry Brown - Bridgemark Solutions - set-up the CC.  -From Senior VP of Sales to CEO"
Larry Brown
 "I know Larry (and his skills) well because while I was with [former company] we employed him to initiate relationships and eventually put us in front of our key prospects. Not only did he excel at this but I can say with absolute certainty that he did so despite [my former company's] complex positioning and virtually non-existent profile in the industry."
 "Larry has been a pleasure to work with. For the past year, he has been providing me with ongoing lead generation services. Initially, he took the time to really learn my business and what makes it unique. Since then, he has represented us well: he's been extremely reliable and trustworthy, a pleasure to do business with and, most important, has delivered high quality leads to the appropriate people within our target organizations. These leads have resulted in great conversations, the opportunity to bid on a number of projects, and some ongoing relationships. All in all, good ROI!  -Kathy Doyle, President -- Doyle Research Associates"
Kathy Doyle, President -- Doyle Research Associates
 "Clients seem pretty happy to talk to us. Just curious, what’s the secret? Great job!"
 "Thanks again for putting us in front of another great lead!"
 "Larry, not sure if I told you, but the CC with [prospect] went very well. She runs the MR show, so no need for you to continue prospecting. This is a great example of the value you provide."
Peter Gold, CEO -- VeraQuest, Inc. "I would like to recommend Larry Brown and Bridgemark to anyone looking to boost sales. We've tried everything and anything to generate business prior to working with Larry, but those efforts have fallen short. The results we have been able to achieve from Larry and his team, however, have far exceeded our expectations. We have received more high-quality leads in the three months since we began working together than in the entire three-and-a-half years VeraQuest has been around. I would urge anyone who’s even thinking about working with a lead-generating team to give Larry a call."
Larry Brown